Low Back Pain- Mechanical

by thefootmechanic

 “Low Back Pain,” is a catch-all term used to describe general pain in what we know as pain in your lower back region or, otherwise known as your lumbar region. Many different diagnoses can cause such low back pain.one of which Is straining one or many of your low back muscles. This occurs in instances where you my reach into the back of your car to retrieve a sack of groceries. Simply, you strain one or more of the muscles in your back, much the same as straining a hamstring while you’re running. Generally speaking, when you irritate the muscle, you irritate its associated nerve, or visa versa. This pain generally subsides if you protect the muscles from any motion which causes one of them to work excessively hard. This can be very difficult as these muscles are also what we call “stabilizers.” A stabilizing muscle is  one which works all the time maintaining postural alignment in the upright situations. In this case, those lumbar muscles work to keep the spine in upright positions. This type of strain  is best treated with rest, icing and anti-inflammatory medication. Lite stretching is advocated after 24 hours after injury. Once you are pain free for a week, slow reintegration into activity and exercise is allowed. To learn more about this type of injury, click on the following link:  Low Back Pain

                                                                – Dr. Brett Purdom, DPT, ATC, CSCS
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